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Abigail López & Daniel Pinzón

Abigail Lopez
& Daniel Pinzon
Norma C. Rocha

When Norma Rocha talked to us about 4Life, we were only
interested in the products, but little by little we were able
to see results that surpassed our expectations. One of the
reasons we joined this company was because we noticed
that 4Life would give us the opportunity to improve our
future and the futures of other people, providing us with
great support for our health and financial freedom. We
also have extra time to share with our family and friends.
At the same time, it gives us a system to help other people
around the world. We are able to help change the lives of
people for the better and help them reach their dreams. We
have met wonderful people through our decision of doing
this business that we probably would have never met. I
can’t thank God enough and to our sponsor Norma
Rocha for presenting this great opportunity to my family.
Having reached this position, I feel like I have won a prize.
This achievement has been the result of dedication, and the
commitment to teamwork. Sharing the 4Life message has
become a necessity and an assignment. It is impossible to
know there is a way to change lives and not want to share it.