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Cecilia Meza & Ing. Fernando Llivirumbay

We were born in the city of Pelileo in the Tungurahua province of Ecuador. We got married when we were only 17 years old and dreamed of always staying together and working together to accomplish our goals.

As a couple, we’ve always strived to keep moving forward, but after losing jobs and several businesses, we found ourselves hugging and crying, because we realized that after 15 years, we were back where we started, and we had nothing.

It was at this time, that the 4Life opportunity came into our lives through International Diamond Fanny Meza. Initially we had doubts, but we finally decided to join. We were fortunate to be in a new market and today our organization extends throughout all regions of Ecuador as well as internationally.

Thanks to the growth of our organization, we’ve been able to achieve our dream of traveling together to various countries. We’re grateful that we can show our children that success is achievable and the value of helping people transform their lives in positive ways.

We’re thankful to God for being our main 4Life partner. We’re thankful for the wonderful entrepreneurs in the International Networkers Team, especially Fanny and our downline, who believed in us. The best advice we’ve received from the team is that if you want to be rich and successful, learn from the rich and successful.