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Bronce Elite
Florida, US

Angel Carela

When Gold International Diamond Dr. Esdras Cabrera presented the 4Life opportunity to me, I was impressed by the truly impactful product and with the company’s 27 years of experience in network marketing. I also realized that the compensation plan was well-designed for the opportunity to earn residual income, and that it was perfect for my goals.

As a successful pastor for 27 years, I desperately wanted to help those that needed it most. When I realized that I could continue being a pastor and at the same time bring a better quality of life to my family, I made three great decisions. I decided that I would help the needy throughout Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean; that I would establish what today is the House of Mercy and Restoration Foundation; and that once my debts were paid, I would dedicate 90% of my income from 4Life to the House of Mercy. Today, having reached the position of International Diamond, I have not only paid my debts, but I am buying a plot of land in the Dominican Republic so that I can begin the first shelter, and later continue in Mexico and Central America.