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Carmen Madge

Before I joined 4Life, I was working in the cement industry as an assistant to the general manager of the largest factory in Peru. I worked there for 18 years, during which time I had a good salary and many benefits.

But, when I heard about the 4Life opportunity from Gold International Diamond Antonio Gonzalez, I immediately felt in my heart that this was the better path for me. I desired to be in control of my life, my income, and my time. I also wanted to enjoy the excellent health support provided by the products.*

I believe having determination and focus it what has made me successful. Being a part of the International Networkers Team (INT) and taking part in their education program has also contributed to my success. My current goal is to reach the Gold International Diamond rank and eventually become a Platinum International Diamond.

Being able to help people dream again is what motivates me the most. I love being able to positively impact others by sharing this opportunity. I enjoy watching them regain faith and hope, become free, and live their dream life. I did not have this joy with my previous job and I’m sure it’s not found in many other professions. I plan to continue growing in this company.