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  1. Autoenvío

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    Cual es la diferencia entre Autoenvío y Backup Autoenvío ?

    AutoShip is uniquely designed to let you pre-select the 4Life Products you want and have them automatically shipped to you each month, eliminating the need for monthly ordering. A minimum LP is required, 75 LP for Builders and 100 LP for Leaders and above. You receive the products you want most-when you want them. Then every month, you can count on your order being delivered like clockwork-hassle free. You decide when you want your AutoShip order to be sent (any day between the 1st and 19th of each month).

    Back-up AutoShip includes any combination of products you choose that totals at least 100 LP for Leader and above or 75 LP for Builders. If no product has been ordered on your account (totaling 100 LP for Leader and above and 75 LP for Builders) as of the date of your Back-up AutoShip, your Back-up AutoShip order will be sent to you automatically. Once again, you choose the date you want your order to be sent (any date between the 21st and 25th of the month) and you're insured of qualifying each month. Think of Back-up AutoShip as your final safety net.

  2. Life Rewards Plan

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    In the 4Life® Compensation Plan, what is the difference between a Leader4Life and a Leader?

    The Leader4Life position is available to all new distributors at the time of enrollment. The new distributor must purchase a Distributor Business Success Kit, generate 100 Personal LP of products monthly, and be signed up on AutoShip or Back-up AutoShip. As long as the distributor fulfills these requirements, he/she will be paid at the Leader position. The Personally enrolled requirements for the Leader position are not needed as long as the distributor actively participates in AutoShip or Back-up AutoShip and fulfills the 100 Personal LP requirement each month.

    A Leader is an individual who has chosen not to participate in the Leader4Life program at the time of sign up, but has opted to be an Associate or Builder. Upon building a business, the opportunity to earn additional commissions is obtainable if all Leader qualifications are met each month.

    What is a Rapid Reward?

    A bonus paid to the Enroller on a new recruit's first order. On that first order, the first two levels of the compensation plan are reversed so that the Enroller receives 15 percent to 25 percent commission. The Enroller's immediate upline receives 5 percent. This happens only on the first LP order. All subsequent volume is paid according to the compensation plan.

    What are Life Points (LP)?

    The point value assigned to 4Life Products for the purpose of calculating commissions (commissionable volume).

    Who can participate in the Preferred Customer Program?

    Who can participate in the Preferred Customer Program? Anyone! The Preferred Customer Program offers many exciting benefits. You can enroll customers interested in just purchasing 4Life Products at wholesale cost. Enrolling these customers on your frontline will ensure you get 25% back on all of their purchases.

    How do I enroll in the Preferred Customer program??

    You can enroll using the current 4Life Distributor Application and writing Preferred Customer Program across the top margin of the form. You can enjoy being able to order the 4Life Products they want and benefit from paying wholesale prices.

  3. Business Cards

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    Can I order business cards?
    Yes, Town and Country Printing has been designated the exclusive approved supplier for custom printed products that feature the 4Life Research logo. Using the products that feature this distinctive logo will insure a uniform, consistent image and branding to your entire downline.

    How to reach Town and Country Printing:

    Town and Country Printing
    P.O. Box 3550-4life
    Munster, IN 46321-0705
    Web Site: www.townandcountryprinting.com/4life.html
    E-mail: cusrv@townandcountryprinting.com
    Phone: 1-800-480-8440 or 1-800-414-0520
    Fax: 1-800-310-1302

    About Town and Country Printing:

    Town and Country Printing has served the Direct Selling industry for 25 years, and is the ONLY custom printed products supplier to have been awarded the Direct Selling Association’s highest honor to an industry supplier, "The Partnership Award." This award is bestowed to a supplier in the industry who has excelled and made a difference for the companies and independent distributors it serves. Town and Country Printing is thus uniquely qualified to understand and meet your needs as 4Life Independent Distributors.
  4. GST

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    Why do I pay sales tax on the suggested retail price of products when I am actually buying the products at wholesale?

    In accordance with agreements made with various taxing agencies, 4Life charges sales tax on the suggested retail price of products because this is the price at which the products will most likely be sold to the final customer.

    I don't want to pay sales tax on the suggested retail price of products. What are my options?

    Obtain a sales tax account in your state and provide a properly signed Sales Tax Exemption Certificate to 4Life. Once 4Life receives this certificate, you will no longer be charged sales tax on your purchases.

  5. Shipping and Handling

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    What is the standard shipping method used by 4Life?

    4Life Products are regularly shipped via United Parcel Service (UPS). Standard shipping method is Ground, which generally takes five to seven business days.

    What are the standard shipping rates for 4Life Product orders?

    For product orders under $300, shipping charges will be equal to 6.5% of your wholesale total for each order (with a $6 minimum). For product orders between $300 and $1999.99, shipping charges will be equal to three percent of your wholesale total for each order. For product orders of $2,000 and over, shipping charges will be equal to 1.5% of your wholesale total for each order.

  6. The Compass

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    Does the Compass replace the old distributor kit?
    Yes; as 4Life’s brand new distributor training system, The Compass replaces the former kit.
    What’s included in The Compass?
    Step one materials, both in your kit and on the web, include:
    • A master DVD containing the “Discover 4Life” opportunity presentation
    • A PowerPoint® version of the opportunity presentation (on the Resources CD in your kit)
    • set of presentation cards
    • One of each of the following marketing materials:
      • “Discover 4Life” opportunity brochure
      • “In Great Company” brochure
      • “Life Rewards” brochure
      • 4Life Product Catalog
      • Sample meeting invitations
      • Follow-up notecard

    Steps two, three and four materials, both in your kit and on the web, include:

    • An audio CD
    • A PowerPoint version of the step two presentation (on the Resources CD in your kit)?
    • A manual
    Does The Compass include all the new Tri-Factor™ Formula marketing materials?
    No. Those materials can be acquired separately.
    Does The Compass include the Together, Building People™ or the Compound Opportunity video presentations?
    Not at this time. We are in the process of updating these videos to include our new Tri-Factor Formula products; once they are updated, they will both be included in future reprints of The Compass.
    What’s the difference between the materials in the Diamond4Life Success Kit and The Compass?
    The Compass is a comprehensive training system; the Diamond4Life Success kit includes The Compass, as well as a wide array of products and product literature designed to help you fast-track your new 4Life Business through sharing 4Life Products with prospects. In short, the Diamond Kit contains what a 4Life Distributor needs to sell, and The Compass contains what a 4Life Distributor needs to know to make their business successful.
    How much is the Compass?
    The regular price is $29.95.
    In how many languages will the Compass be produced?
    Currently The Compass is available in English and Spanish. In the coming months, The Compass will be available in Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Malay, and Thai.
    What if I already have a distributor training system?
    If you’re already having success with an existing training system, The Compass is the perfect complement to that system—it’s a set of professional toolsl that look great and are easy to duplicate.
    Why do the Audio CDs, PowerPoint presentations and printed manuals for each step all say the same thing?
    The Compass is designed to offer several presentation methods in each step so that distributors can choose the method they’re most comfortable with, as well as the method that best suits each individual opportunity presentation. For example, a distributor may use the presentation cards for a one-on-one meeting, but then use the PowerPoint version of that same presentation for a much larger group.
    Does The Compass come with a bag?
    A bag is not included with The Compass for two reasons: First, it keeps shipping and kit costs as reasonable as possible.,. Second, the majority of our distributors invest in one of our hottest items, the Diamond4Life Success Kit, which comes with a top-of-the-line attaché.
    Is the kit bilingual (English/Spanish) or do I need to buy a language-specific kit?
    There is one kit in English, and a separate kit in Spanish. There isn’t a bilingual kit available, so distributors will need to buy the kit in their preferred language. In the coming months, The Compass will be available in Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Malay, and Thai.
    Does The Compass come with a resale number?
    Yes! For the English resale Compass kit, the item number is #90105 ($29.95); for the Spanish resale Compass kit, the item number #290105. On the enrollment form in each resale kit, there’s a pre-printed distributor ID number that will be assigned to the person who purchases the kit. So, if you sell Jane a Compass kit and the ID number on the enrollment form is 1001, you need to make sure Jane knows that her 4Life Distributor ID number is 1001.
    Where can my prospects view The Compass?
    Log on to www.4life.com, and click the “Opportunity” tab at the top of the page. Then click “The Compass” on the left side of the page—you’ll find an overview of The Compass, PDFs of Compass brochures that you can view/print, and a PowerPoint opportunity presentation that you can view or save to your computer desktop.
    How can I get more specific information about The Compass?
    The best resource for information about The Compass is right here at www.4life.com; however, you can also call Distributor Services at 888.454.3374 and speak to a Distributor Service Representative.
    Can I submit my Compass-related feedback?
    You can always e-mail us with your comments and suggestions about The Compass at compassinfo@4life.com.
  7. Transferceutical

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    ¿Cómo fueron descubiertos los factores de transferencia?
    Mientras estudiaba la tuberculosis, el Dr. Sherwood Lawrence, un prominente investigador de la Universidad de New York, descubrió que uno de los secretos de un sistema inmunológico fuerte estaba en la naturaleza misma. Él descubrió que la información inmunitaria podría transferirse de un donante a un receptor (de un sistema inmunológico inteligente a otro que necesita instrucción). Él se dio cuenta de que había ciertos “factores” haciendo el trabajo de transferir. Él llamó a estas moléculas factores de transferencia.
    ¿Cuáles son las ventajas de utilizar varias fuentes?
    4Life utiliza huevos de gallina y calostro bovino como fuentes de los factores de transferencia y las nanofracciones. Las gallinas y las vacas viven en el exterior, donde se enfrentan con los desafíos de las condiciones de un clima variable y una vida comunal. Esto los lleva a exponerse a todo tipo de gérmenes, contra los cuales sus sistemas inmunológicos deben luchar para mantenerse sanos—haciendo a las vacas y gallinas donantes ideales de factores de transferencia y nanofracciones. Y la combinación de estos dos recursos produce un efecto sinérgico.
    ¿En qué se diferencia 4Life Transfer Factor® del calostro bovino?
    Los factores de transferencia se pueden encontrar en los cuerpos de mamíferos y aves. 4Life extrae factores de transferencia del calostro bovino y la yema de huevo de gallina. El calostro bovino, por ejemplo, contiene muchos fortificadores inmunitarios, pero la mayoría de esos componentes no pueden ser transmitidos de una vaca a un ser humano. Sin embargo el poder de los factores de transferencia, se puede transferir. 4Life Transfer Factor® utiliza procesos de filtración altamente especializados, para que puedas obtener todos los beneficios de los factores de transferencia concentrados sin las sustancias que tu cuerpo no puede utilizar.
    ¿Son seguros los factores de transferencia y las nanofracciones?
    Sí. Los factores de transferencia y las nanofracciones son diseñadas por el sistema inmunológico para el sistema inmunológico; por lo tanto son seguros para las personas de todas las edades. Los procesos de extracción de 4Life eliminan ó remueven los alérgenos comunes en el huevo y el calostro bovino, así que los factores de transferencia no son alérgenos. Además, cualquier residuo de lactosa en el calostro derivada de los factores de transferencia o las nanofracciones, está muy por debajo de las cantidades que típicamente causan reacciones. (Como precaución, recomendamos que las personas alérgicas específicamente a la yema de huevo, consulten con su médico antes de consumir los productos de 4Life que contienen Transfer Factor E-XF ó Targeted Transfer Factor®).
    ¿Cuáles son las condiciones de las vacas y las gallinas?
    Todos los animales de 4Life son inspeccionados regularmente por el USDA (Departamento de Agricultura de los Estados Unidos). 4Life utiliza el remanente del calostro producido por los animales después de contar con suficiente para alimentar a las crías para que estén saludables y fuertes. Las vacas son de Grado A, aprobado por USDA, de las cuales la leche se vende en tiendas de abarrotes en toda la nación. Las claras de huevo de las gallinas también son utilizadas en tiendas de suministro de alimentos en la nación.
    ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre los factores de transferencia y las nanofracciones?
    Los factores de transferencia son pequeños, pero las nanofracciones lo son aún más. Ambos dan soporte al sistema inmunológico, pero de diferentes maneras. Los factores de transferencia ayudan a tu sistema inmunológico a reconocer, responder a, y recordar invasores externos. En pocas palabras, proveen inteligencia. Las nanofracciones ayudan a manejar el control de “apagado” y “encendido”, asegurándose de que tu sistema inmunológico responda como debe de ser, cuando debe de ser. Poseen una extraordinaria capacidad de intuición, o astucia. Son capaces de evaluar la situación y preparar a las células inmunitarias para planear un ataque efectivo y apropiado en todo momento.
    ¿Cuáles son las fuentes de 4Life Transfer Factor y NanoFactor™?
    Transfer Factor E-XF™ combina los factores de transferencia de la yema de huevo de gallina y el calostro bovino. El extracto NanoFactor de 4Life es un concentrado de nanofracciones del calostro bovino. La Fórmula Tri-Factor™ es una combinación de Transfer Factor E-XF y NanoFactor.
    ¿Es seguro 4Life Transfer Factor para los niños?
    Los niños de 2 a 12 años de edad deben consumir los productos que estén especificados para su edad en la etiqueta. Actualmente, podrían incluir 4Life Transfer Factor Kids, 4Life Transfer Factor Chewable Advanced Formula, y 4Life Transfer Factor RioVida® Tri-Factor Formula.
    ¿Dónde puedo encontrar más información de la función de los factores de transferencia?
    Una gran fuente de información es el folleto Ciencia y Sinergia: 4Life Transfer Factor y Tu Sistema Inmunológico. También puedes consultar PubMed para información de estudios e investigaciones de los Factores de Transferencia.
    ¿Existe alguna validación de los factores de transferencia y las nanofracciones?
    ¡Sí! En los 50 años desde el trabajo inicial del Dr. Lawrence con los factores de transferencia, existe un estimado de $40 millones invertidos en investigación de los factores de transferencia y cientos de documentos científicos que publican su efectividad.
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